Do Car Surfboard Racks Work On Trucks And Suvs?

Car/Truck/SUV Surfboard RackDesigned to protect surfboards from damage and reduce wear-and-tear during travel time, surfboard racks are essential in prolonging the life of your board. Whether it is merely a break from everyday life, or a lifestyle itself, surfing is a great way to interact with nature and enjoy a sunny day. No matter how dedicated the surfer, the first step is finding a surfboard rack that fits their vehicle. For most, a basic car surfboard rack is all that is needed in order to protect the board. Standard racks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, most of which are designed to fit cars and other small vehicles. For this reason, many truck and SUV owners wonder whether there exist compact car surfboard racks that will also fit larger vehicles.

In most cases, racks are installed after the vehicle is bought, and configured to meet the specific dimensions of the vehicle’s make and model. However, there are also specific racks such as the SportsRack/Blocksurf Rooftop Rack Transport System that offer a mix-and-match style rack ale to fit any vehicle, including trucks and SUVs. These systems are incredibly diverse, and can be adjusted to fit the roof of any vehicle and hold any size of board. In most cases, an all-in-one kit is only slightly more expensive than pre-sized models, but offers much more versatility. In addition to adjusting to fit your current vehicle, these models are ideal for surfers with multiple vehicles and those planning to switch vehicles in the near future.

When purchasing and all-in-one car surfboard rack, make sure to consult the sizing guide included with the product. This will not only ensure that the rack is compatible with your vehicle, but will also give clear instructions on how to mount it. In addition, there may be an online sizing guide, allowing you to see if the product will fit your vehicle before making a purchase. It is also a good idea to become familiar with how to maintain the rack itself, so that it is able to continue to protect the board for as long as possible. In most cases, boards must be kept out of extreme temperatures and cleaned regularly. For those with trucks or SUVs, it is important to gauge how high the rack sits atop the vehicle. In some cases, this may cause clearance issues.

In many cases, car surfboard racks will fit to trucks and SUVs without any special requirements. However, this is not always the case. Before making any purchase, buyers should familiarize themselves with the dimensions of their vehicle and decide whether they would prefer a soft or hard rack. Depending on how large the vehicle is, there may be many questions regarding which type of rack to get (hard or soft) and whether an all-in-one kit may be required. In any case, research is the best tool in determining which kit will best protect your investment no matter which vehicle you drive.

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5 Reasons To Buy A Car Surfboard Rack

Why Get a Car Surfboard RackEver been out and about by the ocean, seen some great surf building, and know that you probably won’t get a chance to ride some of the best waves of the year because your board is not with you?

There are basically five reasons that you need a car surfboard rack. The reasons are opportunity, convenience, care of your board, style, and sex appeal.


If you have your board with you at all times then you never miss an opportunity to ride. You might miss the biggest waves of your life. A car surfboard rack lets you take the stick with you all the time so that you never miss a chance to do what you love the most. Now suppose you really wanted to impress a new love with your feats on the surf but you missed out because your board is 30 minutes away.


Storing a surfboard can be a real hassle if you live in a small place or you have a lot of stuff. Car surfboard racks come in a large variety of shapes and sizes. Racks that fit the roof, racks that hold the board in the back of your truck securely, and racks that let you hang your board on the side of the car are readily available. Racks that can handle two boards are readily available.

The idea is to wax and get ready and put your board on your car so you can have it with you and storage is as convenient as possible. You do not need to hunt for a place to put your surfboard because you have a ready-made place.

Care of Your Board

You probably paid a lot for your board. If you surf, you know that a surfboard can lose some of its shape and performance if it is not stored in the right position. This is really important for people that only ride occasionally. A warped board is a sure wipe out.

A car surfboard rack is designed to caress your board and keep it in a position that maintains its original shape.


Part of the mystique of surfing is that surfers invented looking good. A car surfboard rack not only looks good it looks smart. You get the added boost of letting everyone in the world know you are a surfer because your board is on display all of the time.

If you sell boards or surfboard services, then what better free advertisement can you get than a car surfboard rack that has your boards and your logo showing everywhere that you go?

Sex Appeal

Surfers invented sexy. A car surfboard rack is just an ad for your lifestyle and a way to attract new people to chat up and have fun with. If you don’t show it, then they can’t know it.

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5 Features to Expect In Every Car Surfboard Rack

Car Surfboard RackIf you have ever tried driving to the beach without a surfboard rack, you know what a painstaking experience it can be. A car surfboard rack, cheap and easy to operate, is often a wise investment for the seasoned surfer. One can expect a variety of features in their rack which makes the beach trip quick, easy, and hassle-free.

Rack pads

Car surfboard racks are relatively easy to operate and understand, but nevertheless have several noteworthy attributes. Key to the product are the rack pads. The rack pads are the part of the product that actually hold your board or boards. Protecting both the top of the car and the bottom of your surfboards, they are designed to both cradle and protect the board while the bottom ensures that the board does not scratch the top of the car or vice versa. A car surfboard rack set usually carries two of these, one for the front of the board and one for the back.


A second feature of car surfboard racks are the straps. Running off each side of the rack pads, the straps are what actually attach the contraption to the top of your car. There are several ways of doing this. Many vehicles, especially SUVs, already have heavy-duty racks (sometimes known as gutters) on each side of the top of the car. If the car is already equipped with these, the straps will reach to the rack on each side. A few cars lack these racks and if this is the case, a special surfboard rack that clasps to the top of the car is required.

Attaching mechanism

Attached to the straps of the car surfboard racks are some form of attaching mechanism. This can take the form of Velcro adhesion strips or some sort of clasp. Coming off the end of the straps, this apparatus secures the straps to the vehicle racks, safely fastening the surfboard rack to the top of the car. One should ensure these are tightly fastened and thus keeping your rack and boards on top of the car, as opposed to falling off the back!

Board tie downs

Another feature of car surfboard racks are the board tie downs. So far, we have rack pads and the structures necessary to tie it down to the vehicle, but not the straps needed to tie the board down to the rack pads. These can take the form of cinch straps or perhaps additional Velcro straps, but all have the common goal of securing the surf board to the pads so they do not slide out or detach.


Finally, one can expect general durability and weather resistance to be a feature of their surfboard rack. These racks are designed to withstand both the wear and tear of the surfboards on top and also the outdoor elements.

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